Finding your Career Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic the world is recovering from has brought about a number of challenges to every nation. The world as a whole has been in a virtual stand-still for months, only now starting to recover from the pandemic. Each nation has been faced with trials and each has had a different approach towards recovery.

In Indonesia, one of the issues that has made it’s effect known is in the employment sector. Several members of the workforce have been let go from their jobs in an attempt for preservation and sustaining losses for different companies, in effect, the Indonesian population has had an increase in it’s unemployment rate. The Indonesian government has answered the challenge of unemployment brought about by the pandemic’s economic effect in the country with the Kartu Prakerja project. Kartu PraKerja is the Indonesian Government’s work competency development program aimed at Indonesian citizens of at least 18 years of age and who are high school graduates, vocational graduates, job seekers or laid-off employees that will benefit from competency and skills improvements. The Government will distribute pre-employment cards to qualified participants who can register online. These cards will each have ‘upskilling credits’, with a maximum balance of IDR 3,000,000 for online courses and IDR 7,000,000 for offline training class offerings. The current budget for this program is IDR 10 Trillion.

This is where CloudSwyft comes in. In partnership with Microsoft and MyEdusolve, Cloudswyft delivers a powerful solution that provides Indonesia’s modern workforce with the unique opportunities to future-proof population through developing higher value skills that will move them up the value chain and provide them with better career path options. The Kartu Prakerja participants can choose from courses on Data Analysis, AI, Azure Data Engineer, Azure Cloud, Data Science, Front-End Development, IT Support and DevOps online course and certification programs among others, which can provide job opportunities ranging from data analyst, cloud support, system operations and software engineering roles.

Among the number of Indonesians who have been displaced is Adi Nurjaman. Adi a 24-year old former banker has been “temporarily not put to work” as was stated in the letter he received from his previous employment. He was looking for a back-up plan and learned about the Indonesian Government’s Kartu Prakerja project through news and various social media channels. He wanted to find out if he could get help. When he signed up for the Kartu Prakerja courses, Adi was not expecting to get any job offer from anywhere.

Adi, prior to the pandemic, has been pursuing an IT degree while working in the bank, with the hopes of finding an IT-related career that suited him once he finished his new degree. Having an interest in IT, Adi has taken on an IT Support Fundamentals online course by CloudSwyft, offered in the MyEduSolve platform. He was planning to use up his Kartu Prakerja credits and go through the courses, then find a job, armed with new knowledge, certificate in hand. He finished 5 sessions of the IT Support Fundamentals course in 3 hours and was in line to receive his certification the next day.

With his certificate, was a surprise waiting for Adi. He got a call from non-other than CloudSwyft Founder and CEO, Dann Angelo De Guzman, congratulating him on his near perfect exam result. It was fate that brought Adi to the Kartu Prakerja project, and within CloudSwyft’s range as the company was looking to expand in the Indonesian Education Technology Market. Adi was the best candidate to fill the Platform Support Analyst that the company was looking to fill. He was both surprised and happy that a job was offered in the field he wanted to go to, IT, as his major.

Adi is now part of the growing CloudSwyft global family as the new Platform Support Analyst for the Indonesian market. He has, since joining in May 2020, recommended the Kartu Prakerja Project to his family and friends, going so far as helping them sign up for the project, to share the great outcome he has experienced with the project.

If you’re an Indonesian, looking for a job, you too can get the career of your dreams with the Kartu Prakerja project. Visit to learn about the courses you can take to improve your career path and get you future-ready!